Our Meat

We believe there is no need to add artificial inputs to the soil or livestock. Nature is in charge and we farm with it.
Cattle and sheep are designed to eat pasture. Pasture fed meat is higher in Omega 3 and the fat contains 75% of the vitamins and minerals in meat. But most importantly – its flavour is incredible – slowly reared, native bred and natural diet makes pasture fed meat the chefs choice.
Our meat is not aged in vacuum packs. The natural process of dry-aged meat enables the natural enzymes to break the muscles down over time. We take whole carcasses and hang them in our humidity-controlled fridges, only using each cut at its prime. Moisture is pulled out of the meat using Himalayan Rock Salt on the fridge floor, so the meat does not shrink when cooked. When you select our meat, you get more meat and less water.
Lincoln Red does not sound particularly Scottish, but our choice reflects the fundamentals of Balcaskie: a mixed east coast farm, very similar to that of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
Our lamb is 100% grass-fed and spends its life in the fields around the estate. Lamb from Balcaskie is Organic certified and Pasture for life assured.
Often overlooked and sometimes seen as a lesser cut, mutton is on the up.
East Neuk wild roe deer is particularly renowned for its quality due to the prolific crops grown in the area and ideal natural habitat.
Tamworth Pigs
Our pigs live outside all year, rooting in pastures, cereal stubbles, forage crops and woodland. Slow maturing, the Tamworth is a natural forager and will find the best nutrients available in any environment.
Sourcing the best meat is our priority. Not only in the way it has been produced, but from farmers who share the same passion for their livestock as we do.
We can help small scale producers to have their meat processed with the same love and care that went into the rearing of the animals.
At the butchery the hanging and aging of our meat is one of the most important parts of the process in delivering exceptional quality.

“I would like to say thank you. Friday night for the last four months has been steak night for my wife and I. We have had some excellent beef from places that you already know and some that maybe you don’t. I’ve certainly eaten more beef than I probably should have! However we are both in agreement that tonight’s (yours) has been the best. It was fantastic. Exactly the ideal tenderness/flavour/marbling they I look for.”



“First purchase picked up today. Had the BBQ pack and it was wonderful. Be back soon. Wonderful produce. A hit with the family.”



“Just wanted to say that I’ve just had the best T-Bone steak from you. I barbecued it just now and am completely blown away. I’ve eaten some very high quality waygu Sashimi and cooked steaks in Tokyo and New York and it didn’t come close. Outstanding, thank you.”



“@meatsophie and @butcheryatbowhouse keep upping the ribeye game. Sophie this one was mindblowing.”



“It all looks fantastic… Ethical Farming in an amazing part of the world linked with first-class butchery makes for quality meat. Great service and personal thanks to @meatsophie for making Michelle’s short rib dreams come true! Oh….and they make the best jerky I have EVER tasted!”



“Last night we barbecued the ribeye steaks we bought from you on Friday ….absolutely delicious. We’ve also eaten the hamburgers…excellent and are going to have the butterflied lamb tomorrow. We’re thrilled to have found you and will keep spreading the word.”



“Just to say the rump steak, bacon and burgers were absolutely delicious – burgers had epic flavour! Will order more next time!”