Our Butcher

Sophie moved from London to the East Neuk of Fife at the beginning of 2020 to open the Butchery at Bowhouse.


Having grown up on a farm in South Oxfordshire, Sophie has a passion for the finest quality meat and believes this comes down, first and foremost, to the farming. Strongly believing that Organic and Pasture fed animal rearing is what produces the best meat, as well as the many other benefits that can be seen through thoughtful, regenerative farming.


Starting as an assistant at Jamie Olivers ‘Barbecoa’ butchery in 2012, with only a small amount of butchery knowledge gained during her time at Leiths school of food and wine, she soon fell in love with the trade. Continuing her training here for two years before moving on to Turner and George, one of London’s leading meat merchants.


I have been incredibly lucky to work with some great butchers over the years, who I have learnt a lot from. This experience coupled with constant practice over the years has bought me to where I am today. Moving to Scotland and setting up Butchery at Bowhouse presented new and exciting challenges for me and was therefore the next logical step.


It’s such a pleasure to go back to my roots and work so closely with the farmers. This proximity to the source is one of the reasons I made the move to Bowhouse. Working so directly with those rearing the animals is really important, it is a two way learning experience. Yes we want to farm in an ethical and sustainable way but we also want the end product to taste great. ”