Often overlooked and sometimes seen as a lesser product, mutton is making a come back, often being called cull ewe or cull yaw referring to the fact that these were lamb producing animals who have for whatever reason stopped producing. As with the lamb these older animals have spent their whole lives eating grass in the fields around Balcaskie estate, so that’s over two years of grassy goodness. Older animals naturally have more flavour as their muscles have worked more over time and they have developed more intramuscular fat (marbling).


A lovely fat covering on these old girls means they can be hung for longer, the optimal time in our opinion being 5 weeks. This extra long hanging time softens the texture of the meat, developing the flavour as moisture is lost from the meat. Resulting in a delicious premium product which can be cooked in the same way as lamb and stand up to some seriously robust flavours. If you like lamb you will love this aged mutton.


All the mutton from Balcaskie is Organic cetified and Pasture for life assured.