The Lincoln Red beef herd was introduced to Balcaskie in 2019, it may not sound particularly Scottish, but the choice reflects the fundamentals of Balcaskie: a mixed east coast farm, very similar to that of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Lincoln Reds (originally known as Lincoln Red Shorthorns) are a rare-breed that, unlike some other popular breeds, have barely changed in over 100 years and retain many of the characteristics we desire. The Lincoln Red is a placid animal, able to convert grass into beef without the need to supplement its diet with extra cereals and therefore producing distinctive marbled fat throughout the meat. This marbling keeps the meat juicy and enhances the flavour in every bite. Fed on grass all year round, our cows are moved daily to fresh pasture and provided herbal rich grasses to aid wildlife, soil and animals alike.


Having previously farmed a mix of continental and native breeds on the estate the butchery is currently receiving a mixture of other breeds while the Lincoln red herd grows. Pure Luing, Luing cross, British Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus all being regular features, these are handpicked from the field by Euan and the estate manager.


All the beef from Balcaskie is Organic certified and Pasture for life assured.